Relive EPIC moments of #MAD2017

On Thursday 23 November, around 60 MAD people gathered at the Timmerhuis, to join the Public Leadership Foundation’s annual conference on public leadership. And what an afternoon it was! Stories of MAD leaders taking initiative, the workshops given by our amazing partners and the conversations about being MAD through EPIC leadership managed to inspire all of us to move forward and keep Making A Difference. It made that we as a Public Leadership Foundation look back with excitement: we would like to thank the municipality of Rotterdam, Stichting Blikverruimers, the Young Climate Movement, Creative mornings, Deloitte, Teun Meulepas, Eline Elstgeest and all the MAD people that joined us in making this amazing event happen for making #MAD2017 truly MAD!

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Relive #MAD2017 Throw Back to an EPIC Beer & Pizza meeting This is just the beginning Generation or Generalization? MAD story: stichting Blikverruimers

Relive #MAD2017

November 27, 2017

Relive the EPIC moments of #MAD2017! Check out the photos now. The aftermovie & report will follow soon.


Throw Back to an EPIC Beer & Pizza meeting

November 12, 2017

On the 3rd of November the PLF board organized an EPIC beer & pizza meeting at De Ceuvel, to brainstorm with MAD people on public leadership and the way the PLF can enable MAD leadership. The venue was well chosen: an award-winning, sustainable planned workplace for creative and social enterprises on a former shipyard in Amsterdam North.


This is just the beginning

November 10, 2017

Being the energetic and proactive person that she is, Lisa van der Heijden was one of our very first EPIC apprentices. During her apprenticeship the Public Leadership Foundation (PLF) linked her to One Young World(OYW). OYW is a UK-based charity that brings together the brightest young leaders from around the world during a annual summit, empowering them to make lasting connections to create positive change. Next year the summit will take place in The Hague and we are hoping to play an active role. In October OYW 2017 was taking place in Bogotá, Colombia, and guess who was going? Lisa bloged, vloged and looked back an intense and amazing Summit.

Generation or Generalization?

October 27, 2017

A first step to an inclusive organization!

On behalf of the project group we would like to invite you on the 3rd of November to join one of our focus groups in the Hague! Interested by joining the focusgroups or do you have any questions? Please contact

MAD story: stichting Blikverruimers

October 13, 2017

For this MAD story, we took to the rooftop of the Amsterdam public library to interview two interesting people from Stichting Blikverruimers. This foundation actively contributes to more young people in supervisory boards in the Netherlands and will be joining us on our MAD event, later this autumn. We discussed public leadership with two of the board members, Nienke and Samuel, of this groundbreaking organisation. We asked them questions about the organisation, about the ambitions of the overall foundation, and about their personal motivation.

Lisa’s #OYW vlogs..

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