Florus leaves the PLF board but will always be MAD

“In 2015, the NVVB, Erasmus University and FUTUR took the initiative to organize a MAD event. Approach; How do we motivate as many people as possible to make a difference to their environment, institute or society and thereby to discover and learn their own leadership skills. The result was an energetic and inspiring day with students, (young) professionals and academics who came together and shared experiences.

This day gave so much enthusiasm that we decided to continue the movement and establish the Public Leadership Foundation. Meanwhile, the movement has grown into a serious Public Leadership Forum with professionals in or around the public sector, students and the scientific world who work together to make a difference.

I consciously say a difference and not the difference. If you have the dream to change the whole world tomorrow, you will quickly get out of energy and get disappointed. Any small difference in your immediate area is a step forward. A colleague who helps you in advance, a family member who helps you or just someone on the street who needs a smile. Just remember, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

In recent years, I have been able to contribute to a few of these small steps, by connecting people or just challenging them. The foundation has grown with new members help develop the movement to the next level. From my new working context at Disgover, I continue to make a difference for an even more beautiful world. Although I “formally” leave the board, I continue to support the MAD movement. Also by making (small) differences; by sharing my umbrella with someone who has forgotten his or hers; by challenging my colleagues to pushing boundaries; by continuing to learn and to be inspired by others. Do you join the MAD movement!?”

– Florus van der Linden

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