Generation or Generalization?

A first step to an inclusive organization

On behalf of the project group we would like to invite you on the 3rd of November to join one of our focus groups in the Hague!

Our research
In this research several parties (FUTUR, Ministry of internal Affairs and Public Leadership Foundation) have collaborated and launched the Generationresearch. The main goal is to get closer to an inclusive organization by mapping the most important working values and motivations of civil servants per generation. By mapping these values, public organizations will be able to use the intergenerational differences in their advantage! The focus is firmly on what meaning is given by the civil servants to the dominant working values and to what extent the public organizations take these values into account

By doing the focusgroups we would like to discover if the stated theories meets the reality. According to the theory babyboomers (1945-1960) are workaholics, generation X (1961-1980) is always skeptical and  generation Y (1981-2000) is demanding and avoiding face-to-face contact. We would like to find out if these stereotypes stroke with reality by discussing these values with you!

Interested by joining the focusgroups or do you have any questions? Please contact

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