Save the date: MAD2017 – September 7th

For the third consecutive year the Public Leadership Foundation organises the annual MAD event. #MAD2017 will take place on the 7th of September in Delft., The Netherlands. We would love to meet you so be there!

The purpose of the MAD event is to bring people together so that we can connect and learn from each other. The event is all about getting inspired to be MAD – Make A Difference – in our lives, institutions, and society as a whole.

The annual MAD event with its great diversity of themes, connections and networks coming together is at the very core of what we do as a Foundation. With a focus on students and young professionals from all sectors, MAD 2017 will be all about connecting and inspiring people to be MAD. Our intention is to kindle the fire in people so that we will all Make A Difference in our lives, jobs and networks. Will you join us and start Making A Difference in 2017?

Who is this for?
MAD 2017 is for everyone who is willing to Make A Difference. We believe in cross fertilisation of ideas and cross boundary thinking. Students can learn from professionals and vice versa. If you want to contribute let us know!

What’s in it for you as an individual and/or as an organisation?
You will get inspired by influential speakers and fellow MAD people. Through often surprising conversations with new people you may be influenced and motivated to make even more of a difference in your life.

Will you join us and start making a difference in 2017? Score your tickets here(By the way; there will be no entrance fee, because inspiration is for free).

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