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On 8 February 2019 we are organizing in cooperation with a.o. Futur, the Ministry of Interior and the Leiden Leadership Centre our next PLC on Generations! Based on our Generation research carried out with our partners, we invite stakeholders to present the perspectives of both employers and employees from different organizations. During this afternoon you will intensively work with professionals, academics and students to tackle the leadership issues around differnt generations in organizations.
Note: this event will be in Dutch.


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Welcome to our MAD partner BECIS! Timing Public Leadership Challenge: Autonomy in the digital society

Welcome to our MAD partner BECIS!

December 10, 2018

In 2017 already, the PLF and BECIS found each other in the joint organisation of a Public Leadership… Read More…


July 14, 2018

Eva Kleingeld is one of this years EPIC apprentices. During her apprenticeship Eva will regularly blog and vlog about her MAD experiences. Check out Eva’s second bog ‘timing’ here!

Public Leadership Challenge: Autonomy in the digital society

June 25, 2018

Thursday afternoon 31 May the Public Leadership Challenge took place in the Living Lab, of Leiden University The Hague. During this afternoon, a diverse group of professionals, academics and students focused on the challenge of autonomy in the digital society. Working together on this complex and interesting theme led to creative and innovative ideas about the role of leadership in the digital society.

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As a movement for the people we want to partner up with individuals, groups and organizations who have specific goals when it comes to Making A Difference in society.

From corporate citizen programmes to humanitarian organizations and from individuals to SMEs and large corporations, you are all welcome to partner up with PLF. If you want to Make A Difference with us, we invite you to become a Founding Partner, Individual Partner, Purpose Partner or Education & Research Partner.

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