Cooperation PLF and BECIS: citizen autonomy in a digital society?

The Public Leadership Foundation and BECIS join forces to organise a Public Leadership Challenge (PLC) in 2018! At this event, themed around the ever growing digital society, professionals, students and academics from various disciplines and backgrounds will show us which kind of leadership is needed to tackle the challenge at hand.

Theme: Autonomy of citizens in the digital society

At this PLC, the impact of technological development on our society will be at the centre of attention. On the one hand, the new digital revolution with breakthroughs in fields like nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, robotics and 3D-printers, is providing us with amazing opportunities. On the other hand, there are questions to be asked! For example, the question of autonomy is getting more pressing since technology is framing more of our decisions. To what extent can citizens develop themselves unhampered when algorithms are nudging and registering our behaviour? People seem to get less critical about the information they consume and share, the web is  (unintendedly) creating bubbles of like-minded people without too much diversity of thought, private and public organisation are actively influencing our behaviour through nudging… Is the freedom of choice and the autonomy of citizens under pressure? In any case, the ever uprising technological development is presenting our society with a challenge: how to ensure the autonomy of citizens in the digital society? This question will be the focus point of the Public Leadership Challenge the PLF and BECIS are organise next spring!

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