EPIC Apprenticeship: the kick-off!

On 17 February and 31 March 2017 we organised the first two EPIC Apprenticeship sessions at Leiden University, Campus The Hague. Until summer 2017 the PLF and partners will work together with four enthusiastic future leaders on the start-up of the program.

During the kick-off Yosha, Lisa, Eline and Daphne have been working on formulating their learning goals and exploring their personal leadership potential. Giulietta, Florus and Ben joined them to discuss leadership and examples of inspirational leaders. Various leadership styles were introduced and personal strengths and learning goals were exploired through various exercises such as speed dating.

As part of the program the EPIC Apprentices will experience activities such as coaching, job shadowing, excursions and working with leadership challenges. In the next couple of newletters the apprentices will introduce themselves and share their learing experiences.

Do you want to read more about the apprenticeship and possible partnerships? Click here or mail Giulietta Marani.


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