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Example & Accelerate. An example where language shows us that some topics are remember more strongly when the same tone is used twice. As is the word EPIC, which shows as another function of language because the word itself has meaning but at the same time it means more than the word itself. EPIC speaks to the mind as is the EPIC apprenticeship itself.

You can let your imagination run wild, own initiative and ideas can be brought up and are stimulated. Wherever your imagination brings you in regard to your development goals, in consultation with the team everything is possible. For who does not know the meaning of EPIC beyond the word, it stands for Energy; Purpose; Identity and Courage. Capacities which will make sure that you can contribute to contemporary society. My own purpose has brought me to this apprenticeship, because I wanted to take the opportunity to develop myself. At every corner there is a challenge, a challenge which I hope one day to solve by experience and making a difference.

What are my goals? With help of a personal plan for development you get the opportunity to put on paper what your personal goals in live are. Further, we discuss and talk about this within the team. You will see that putting things on paper is making a difference already, because you are getting aware of your own ambitions and your own pitfalls. The EPIC Apprenticeship teaches me to be aware of my own capacities and therefore my own development goals.

This are meaningful lessons which I directly put into practice. As the foto shows I had the chance to meet one of the most inspiring people in Dutch society; the CEO of Schiphol. A man, who in my opinion, has one of the most interesting and dynamic job within the Netherlands. During this meeting I directly implemented one of the lessons which I had learned during the apprenticeship. First, being aware of the situation which I was in. Who was I speaking to and what was an appropriate way of behaviour? Next I try to remain calm and relaxed by using my body language and choosing my words carefully. This in combination with a normal dose of enthusiasm of course! But, the difference is that I now know to adjust myself in accordance with the environment and people around me.

This type of lessons seems small, but are crucial in contemporary society. With help of this learning experience you get the chance to look in the mirror and make mistakes! Because after you are aware of them we collectively take action and help each other by improving the mistakes. I am looking forward to coming weeks, because I get the chance to improve my pitfalls with help of a coach. My coach is a man with different qualities and another personality and that makes me excited. Because of this I get the chance to accelerate and improve my own qualities. By widening my own comfort zone I get the chance to get more out of my own internship.

These lessons are also helpful for making use of chances you get along the way. Do you know what you want but are you afraid to take the chance? Or do you take the chance, but you do not know the right way? All kinds of questions can be brought in during this EPIC Apprenticeship. For everyone who wants to make a difference; be EPIC and take this chance!

Lisa van der Heijden


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  1. Dear Lisa,

    Keep sharing your experiences! I think that it’s very important in times like these, that ambitious young women like yourself make it their mission to inspire the (younger) men and women around them.

    Be well,

    Jacquill G. Basdew

    P.s. I personally make use of the website Coursera to broaden my skill set, I’d like to recommend it to you! If I were you I’d take a look at their creative writing courses, a skill that could come in handy for you in the future.


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