First ever MAD award to be granted at #MAD2019

Over the last five years, we have encountered many initiatives that give meaning to the term MAD leadership. We have seen individuals and organisations taking initiative – big and small – to make a difference! During the last four editions of our annual MAD event, we brought together those initiatives in order to inspire and learn from each other. At #MAD2019, we are planning to take it a step further! On the 22nd of November, for the first time in the history of the Public Leadership Foundation, the MAD award will be given to an initiative the makes a difference through EPIC leadership.

The winner gets a trophy and a platform, for the further development of their initiative. Furthermore, #MAD2019 provides the winner with a podium to promote their initiative, network and share ideas with other MAD leaders in our network of inspirational partners.

The criteria for contestants?

  • Are you MAD? You can make a difference in many difference ways, as long as you contribute to a better world. From your own kitchen or back yard, in your street or neughbourhood or in the entire universe.
  • Are you EPIC? Making a difference is EPIC. The initiative uses your own Energy, Purpose, Identity and Courage.
  • Do you make your difference together? Making a difference is more effective when you do it together. We care for inclusiveness, without distinction of people’s characteristics, backgrounds or preferences.

Does your initiative match this description? You can register candidates on!

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