Abigail Norville


Born and raised in a small village in the south of Holland with roots in Limburg and Barbados, I moved to Rotterdam in 1996 and have lived there ever since. My parents taught me that you are not better than anyone else, and nobody is better than you. Equivalence is still a very important concept in my work and life. My sister died when she was 27. She had Down syndrome and inspired me to be driven by progress and opportunity. Just because of the mere facts that you’ve been given a mind and body to do so. We often take that for granted or we play down our own influence but I think that everyone is capable to join in and make an effort. No matter how small, it can still be of great value to somebody without you even knowing it.

In 2017 I had my first encounter with the PLF at the MAD event in Rotterdam. The Energy got to me, in a world that is filled with social media superficials we are in desperate need of Purpose, when everything is gone all that’s left is your Identy and with Courage we can truly Make a Difference.