Corinne Sol


In May 2015 I visited the MAD2015 event with a couple of my colleagues. Although I wasn’t really sure what public leadership was all about, I really liked the phrase ‘Making A Difference’. That sounded like something I want to do! I remember during the opening Florus, Ben and Rune asked the crowd if they saw themselves as public leaders. I didn’t raise my hand because I didn’t have a formal leadership position. But later that afternoon, after having spoken with several ‘public leaders’ I realized that I am a public leader because I can make a difference. The most important message that day for me was that change goes step by step and there is always a first step to make in order to make the change you want.

The MAD2015 event really inspired me and I asked myself how I can make a difference. This led me to initiating and organising a MAD-marathon in my own organisation. With a group of enthusiastic people we were able to tackle a couple of challenges about working digital and using mobile phones. It was a really inspiring day, which gave me a lot of energy, and I believe we can all initiate our very own MAD events that can and will make a difference to those around us.

Then, in 2016 I was invited to join the MAD movement as a Public Leadership Foundation Board member. I am so excited, and my mission is to let others feel what I felt during that MAD2015 event: that they can make a difference through public leadership.

Lets go MAD together!