Florus van der Linden

Former board member

The life-changing inspirers for me are Plato and Nelson Mandela. The way Plato thought and taught about how a society could be organized and what kind of governmental forms could fit in, inspired me during high school to think about reshaping modern society. Nelson Mandela showed the world how a great leader acts; With passion for a goal, with great respect to all who think or act differently. He made his purpose more important than is own life. Since then, my goal is to contribute to a better future. 

As manager Legal and HRM in a governmental organisation and initiator of Disgover Legal  I’m trying to take this inspiration into account of my daily work: Working on an even better ‘organized’ society with inspirational leadership. I believe that everyone is a leader. Everyone in her/his own way; making a difference for a better future. Small or big. As a hobby, as volunteer or as professional. 
In the movement of the Public Leadership Foundation I want to share my practical experiences with leadership forms in the public domain and challenge my vision on modern society. I want to learn from and follow other “leaders” and adapt new visions and ideas. I believe that working on a better future, is constantly learn, adapt and bravely stand for innovations. In this way; everyone easily can be a public leader; by making a (small or big) difference.