Rune Todnem By

Former board member

There are three distinct life experiences that have shaped me into becoming who I am today: 1) Someone telling me I can achieve whatever I set my mind to; 2) Someone telling me I shouldn’t be doing that…; 3) The birth of my son.

I strongly believe we can all Make A Difference (MAD). In fact, I believe we all have a responsibility to be MAD. In order for you and me to realise our full potential and make the biggest positive impact possible, we need to accept and embrace the shared responsibility of leadership. ‘Leadership’ doesn’t belong to someone else. It belongs to us. Through Energy, Purpose, Identity and Courage (EPIC leadership) we all have the potential to touch lives and make things better.

Through my many roles as father, son, brother, friend and colleague, and my work as a university professor, researcher, writer and editor I have a responsibility to contribute to the betterment of mankind, and this will only happen through providing leadership in the public sphere. What is your purpose? What is your ambition? What is your responsibility? Whatever it is, make it happen!

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