Sarah Maduro


Our society is ever moving and growing. We as civilians shape that growth together, by interacting with eachother and the environment. The fast developments in various domains offer a world of opportunities; to connect, to share information, convey your values, to learn and to (re-)organise the way we work. Focus on individual potential has increased; we are all believed to have value and are expected to cultivate our potential. We have quickly grown accustomed to constant connectivity and availability, both personally and professionaly. Contributing to the challenging work-life balance that requires us to effectively combine different roles; individual, partner, friend, child, parent, professional etc. Maintaining your health and your social and professional readiness in this dynamic and high paces environment is not a given. It requires your selfleadership; attention, self awareness and compassion as well as leadership by others; the possibility to organise different elements of your life as you see fit and work based on your values. I believe the wisdom and strength that is needed to continuously develop ourselves as individuals, as a group or organisation and society as a whole is already present within us. Through interaction and connection we can multiply our individual value and become EPIC together. I focus on the human level of public leadership, creating connection and room for your inspiration and value to be met and multiplied. What are your dreams?