Kurhaus goes MAD

On Monday the 1st of May the PLF was invited to give a workshop at the National Assembly of Public Administration (Landelijk Congres der Bestuurskunde). The assembly was held in the stately Kurhaus hotel in The Hague. In the workshop the participants were set up to do a mini-Public Leadership Challenge, in which they were to design a digital tool to help people develop their leadership capabilities.

At the start of the workshop the group discussed what leadership is to them and if they encounter it much in their daily lives. We introduced them to the PLF’s vision on leadership and how we believe they can Make A Difference whatever their position in society. During the workshop the four groups, made up of students and young professionals in the field of public administration, came up with some very innovative ideas for tools with varying target groups –  from pupils at primary schools to government clients. At the end of the workshop, the groups themselves voted for the best idea, which ended up being a tie between two of the groups.

We got some great responses to the workshop and enjoyed organizing it. We hope we have inspired the participants to get a little more MAD.

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