MAD 2017

The purpose of the MAD event is to bring people together so that they will connected and learn from another. The event is all about inspiring them for making a difference in their lives and activities.

During the first Make A Difference (MAD) event in 2015, a lot of energy and enthusiasm to lift the Public Leadership movement to the next level was created. The MAD event is the core of all events and activities of the foundation. A great diversity of themes, connections and networks come together. Therefore, MAD 2017 will stand for connecting and inspiring people. (Young) professionals from various sectors and students will meet and learn from each other. Our intention is to kindle the fire in people so that they wille make a difference in their job and network.
Will you join us and start making a difference in 2017?

Who is this for?
MAD 2017 is for everyone who is willing to make a difference. We believe in confluence and cross boundary thinking. Therefore, we welcome everyone at the event. Students can learn from professionals and vice versa. If you want to contribute let us know!

What’s in it for you as an individual and/or as an organisation?
You will get inspired by appealing speakers and you fellow visitors of the event. Through surprising conversations with people, which you usually don’t speak, you get new visions and practices for making a difference in your life and activities.

– Florus van der Linden