MAD-event 2019

On Friday the 22nd of November the annual MAD-event took place at the ministry of Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid (SZW). The event was about public leadership and making a difference. We were proud to invite a few very inspiring social entrepreneurs and initiatives that really try to make a difference.


The event was opened by our board members Ben Kuiper and René de Jong. Réne brought us back to the philosophy of the Public Leadership Foundation by explaining EPIC leadership: the shared responsibility and action to make a difference! Al the nominees for the Mad-award show EPIC leadership: these initiatives and social entrepreneurs make a difference within our society by showing public leadership trough Energy, Purpose, identity and courage. We were also proud to welcome Simon Duits, representative of JongSZW, who made a connection between SZW and public leadership.


Next on the program were the workshops about public leadership. The first workshop was held by Tanachia Ashikali. Tanashia is an expert in the field of diversity management, leadership and inclusivity in public orgnisation. She provided a workshop about inclusive leadership. The second workshop was held by Arzu Catakli and Gavir Breidel. They gave a workshop about paradoxical leadership. Arzu Catakli contributes with pleasure to organizational development by focusing on the development of people. Besides her work as MD she works as an executive coach and trainer. Gavir Breidel is a freelance trainer, he provides training programs for people that like to develop soft skills. He is convinced that these kind of skills are needed to make a difference.


For the Mad-event 2019 we invited initiatives and social entrepreneurs to give them a platform. The MAD-event is about connection and inspiring people. We facilitated ‘meeting-rounds’ so the vistors of the event could meet the initiatives and get inspired by their stories. Schooling for Life, Buurvrouw&BuurvrouwBus, Hofpleintrien, TrashUre Hunt, Conscious Kitchen, Olijf and the NoEscaperoom Foundation participated in the meeting rounds.


For the first time the Public Leadership Foundation presented an award for the initiative that made the biggest difference. The MAD-award was presented by the jury members: Giulietta Marani, (Co – founder van de Public Leadership Foundation); Nienke Bos (Co-founder blikverruimers), Dino Suhonic (Director at Maruf). The jury was proud to announce Buurvrouw&BuurvrouwBus as the winner of the MAD-award 2019. The jury chose De Buurvrouw&BuurvrouwBus as the winner because they connect people with each other in an accessible way, combats loneliness and contributes to a more inclusive society.incollage_20191123_172352023

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