MAD House

The MAD House is about supporting each other in being brave and daring to Make A Difference in order to deliver on our shared responsibility to build a better future for all.

This is a physical and virtual, permanent or pop- up space with no right questions or answers. It may be similar to an organisational war or brainstorm room – the only difference being that YOU take the initiative to identify a challenge and a number of potential solutions together with others, and set out to deliver on these. It can be located in your school or university, your business or charity, your government department or house of faith, your sports club or Girl Guide association, your living room or in the Cloud. The MAD House can be ANYWHERE! Its primary purpose is to create space and opportunities for people of all walks of life who want to Make A Difference together. To identify, develop, harness, and support MAD initiatives locally and internationally, some of which may come to nothing, some of which may have a positive impact on one’s life, and some of which may have a positive impact on millions of lives. As Barack Obama said, “We are the change we have been waiting for.” So let’s build the change together!

Who is this for?
This is an ‘open source’ idea that is open to EVERYONE. Anyone can establish a MAD House and it can be anywhere in the world. All you need is the courage to be MAD and have some good ideas and initiatives that you are willing to share, develop, support, and act upon with others.

As with all our initiatives, we are currently looking for partners to establish the first formal PLF MAD House. This could be in cooperation with a school, university, business, or third sector organisation.

What’s in it for you as an individual and/or as an organisation?
Based on experience and feedback from our annual MAD Events we know that we have a unique ability to create experiences that catalyse positive energy and can-do attitudes. When leaving our events people are ready to Make A Difference and believe they can do so. We know that people we interact with feel a buzz and feel they have the ability to lead, follow, and Make A Difference no matter their age, gender, nationality, or ability. You get inspiration, ideas, the push you needed to make a difference, and perhaps friends for life!

What does the Public Leadership Foundation have to offer?
PLF offers you the opportunity to become part of an ambitious movement in which together we take charge of OUR future and Make A Difference. Your MAD House can be linked to other PLF initiatives such as EPIC Apprenticeships, Public Leadership Challenges (PLC), and the annual MAD Event. We can also offer coaching in personal and professional growth and development.

What to do next:
Start NOW and Make A Difference by initiating your own MAD House. Make sure to share your location, purpose, and outcome with us using one of the email below.

– Laura M. Giurge,
– Isabella Van Batenburg,
– Lisanne Versteegt,

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