MAD story: De advieswinkel

Mental health receives more attention on the news. And rightly so! Students struggle with study pressure and the fear of missing out, office staff working from home during COVID-19 hardly leave the house and elderly miss their friends and relatives.

To address such issues, De Advieswinkel was founded. Their aim? To take away any hurdles for psychological help, and to normalise the conversations on mental health issues. Everyone can ask students of Amsterdam who volunteer at De Advieswinkel for help. In five sessions, they make suggestions for the previously determined goal.

De Advieswinkel was founded in 2013 following up on the ‘Nationale DenkTank’ in 2013 in which young academics discussed the question: ‘How to improve Dutch public health in such a way that people can function independently for as long as possible?’

That is why we ask YOU the following question: what can you do for others to support them? And when you have big ambitions, but do not know where to start, please e-mail to

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