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MAD Story: Oma's soep

During his studies in medicine, Robert noticed that elderly like to chat to the doctor. When he asked why, grandma told him that she often felt lonely, and that she would like to make soup with someone. Knowing how delicious his grandmother’s soup wa…

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MAD story: de advieswinkel!

Mental health receives more attention on the news. And rightly so! To address such issues, De Advieswinkel was founded. Their aim? To take away any hurdles for psychological help, and to normalise the conversations on mental health issues. Everyone can ask students of Amsterdam who volunteer at De Advieswinkel for help.

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Logo De Advieswinkel


Before the outbreak of covid-19, we were able to have a chat with Alain de Schutter, who founded Stichting Kletsmajoor. Stichting Kletsmajoor is a foundation that connects students and interns with elderly in the Netherlands. We talked with Alain…

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MAD story Conscious Kitchen

‘At the Conscious Kitchen, we organize weekly dinners to promote community, conscious living and sustainability. We aim to bring people together over food, and in doing so create awareness about food waste and show how to cook with any fruits and veggies given to you and how good plant-based food can be. We make sure that all our dinners are produced in a sustainable way, either by using food from local markets that would otherwise be wasted, or by sourcing it from local and organic producers.’

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Conscious kitchen