Making A Difference together: Let’s join forces and develop the MADhouse concept

img-20161008-wa0014Are you in or out?
Would you like to Make A Difference in your society, in our society? Would you like to make your street, city, country, and world a better place to live in for yourself and the next generation? Do you want to make someone’s day and, perhaps life a little bit better and more meaningful? Do you believe we can all Make A Difference, small or big, through our actions, through taking initiative? If the answer is YES, then join us in making a difference together through public leadership. You too can be a leader of change.

How to make a difference?
We don’t always know what challenge to focus on, and often feel overwhelmed by the many ways in which we could get involved in making a difference in our society. We often get stuck when trying to identify the best solution going forward and then actually making it happen. Does this sound all too familiar to you? It does for us, too. That is why we are now setting out to develop our MADhouse concept, and we are inviting you to join in – to work with us in making this happen!

The MADhouse concept
The fundamental idea behind the MADhouse is to be a solution-driven movement that facilitates for space and time – physical or virtual – where people can meet up, brainstorm challenges, identify solutions, and start implementing these solutions by taking action. We want to create a movement of the next generation of public leaders, and we want to do this together with you. So, this is your opportunity to contribute to the design and establishment of the MADhouse.

At the very first gathering we are looking to discuss and design the MADhouse foundations for which other MADhouses can be built in the future. Any MADhouse may focus on different challenges; one example of such a potential challenge being finding ways to enable open conversations with diverse groups of individuals. But, our first challenge is to develop the format that can be used to run these future events.

Anyone can make a difference if they believe they can. So are you IN or are you OUT?

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