Vacature Stagiair(e) Ministerie BZK en PLF

Heb jij affiniteit met de publieke sector en (kwalitatief) onderzoek, wil je bijdragen aan een groeiende inclusiviteit en ervaring opdoen binnen de overheid? Dan ben jij de nieuwe stagiair(e) die wij zoeken!

Het generatieonderzoek

Als stagiair(e) zul je bijdragen aan het generatieonderzoek waarin Futur, Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties en de Public Leadership Foundation samenwerken. Het generatieonderzoek hoopt bij te dragen aan een groeiende inclusiviteit in de publieke sector waarbij verschillende generaties gerepresenteerd zijn en betrokken blijven. Door ons te verdiepen in de verschillende drijfveren en motivaties van elke generatie hopen we het vanzelfsprekende uit te dagen en vernieuwende inzichten aan het licht te brengen. De hoofdvraag van het onderzoek is als volgt: Wat motiveert verschillende generaties ambtenaren en in hoeverre zijn publieke organisaties ontworpen om hierop aan te sluiten?

Je werkzaamheden als stagiair(e)

Na een voorafgaande periode van literatuuronderzoek starten we binnenkort de fase van dataverzameling middels interviews en focusgroepen. Als stagiair(e) zul je meewerken aan het gehele proces van het onderzoekstraject. Dit houdt het opzetten en uitvoeren van een kwalitatief onderzoek in. Je verzamelt, analyseert en rapporteert onderzoeksdata. Je zult meewerken aan het organiseren en begeleiden van 5 focusgroepen, het afnemen van interviews en de resultaten van beide verwerken, analyseren en vormen tot een coherent geheel. Ook draag je bij aan het opzetten van een partnernetwerk en de ontwikkeling van  marketing- en communicatiestrategieën. Denk hierbij aan de positionering en bekendheid van ons onderzoek, mensen enthousiasmeren om mee te denken en het slim gebruikmaken van netwerken.

Tijdens je stage doe je inhoudelijke kennis op over de realiteit van organisatorische vraagstukken in de publieke sector, werk je aan je communicatie/marketing- en onderzoeksvaardigheden, verbreed je je netwerk en maak je kennis met de publieke sector als werkomgeving.

Zie de blog op Platform O voor meer inhoudelijke achtergrond:

Praktische informatie

Making A Difference together: Let’s join forces and develop the MADhouse concept

img-20161008-wa0014Are you in or out?
Would you like to Make A Difference in your society, in our society? Would you like to make your street, city, country, and world a better place to live in for yourself and the next generation? Do you want to make someone’s day and, perhaps life a little bit better and more meaningful? Do you believe we can all Make A Difference, small or big, through our actions, through taking initiative? If the answer is YES, then join us in making a difference together through public leadership. You too can be a leader of change.

How to make a difference?
We don’t always know what challenge to focus on, and often feel overwhelmed by the many ways in which we could get involved in making a difference in our society. We often get stuck when trying to identify the best solution going forward and then actually making it happen. Does this sound all too familiar to you? It does for us, too. That is why we are now setting out to develop our MADhouse concept, and we are inviting you to join in – to work with us in making this happen!

The MADhouse concept
The fundamental idea behind the MADhouse is to be a solution-driven movement that facilitates for space and time – physical or virtual – where people can meet up, brainstorm challenges, identify solutions, and start implementing these solutions by taking action. We want to create a movement of the next generation of public leaders, and we want to do this together with you. So, this is your opportunity to contribute to the design and establishment of the MADhouse.

At the very first gathering we are looking to discuss and design the MADhouse foundations for which other MADhouses can be built in the future. Any MADhouse may focus on different challenges; one example of such a potential challenge being finding ways to enable open conversations with diverse groups of individuals. But, our first challenge is to develop the format that can be used to run these future events.

Anyone can make a difference if they believe they can. So are you IN or are you OUT?

EPIC Apprenticeship

epic-apprenticeship In January 2017 we are starting with our EPIC Apprenticeship start-up programme! That means that 5 students will be the first to participate in our programme, which we will be developing on the way with our partners.
The EPIC Apprenticeship is a two-way street and provides a leadership development experience for both the apprentice and the apprentice organisation! The most important ingredients of our programme are: leadership challenges in various organisations, individual coaching, inspiration sessions and the “apprentice-for-a-day”.
Lisa and Daphne are the first the join the programme, but there is place for 3 more people! Check here for more information to join the programme and become a partner or contact Ben ( for more information.

MAD Story | Laura Giurge


On a rainy day of September, by pure and happy coincidence, I stumbled upon Citinerary: an online community of amazing people across the world who enthusiastically share insights about the cities they live in. I knew then and there that I wanted to be a part of this community. So, I wrote an email to Robin Cox – the founder and editor in chief – and Wouter Vocke – the city captain of Rotterdam – to indicate my interest in collaborating with them.

The driving wheel behind Citinerary is the desire to create content about a city’s culture and lifestyle as experienced and known by locals – the people who make and shape cities. Locals hold unique knowledge about a city’s sublime beauties that are often hidden and easily missed by visitors. Citinerary connects locals with visitors, and even locals with locals, through its diverse online content that ranges from art and architecture to music and local events. As a traveler and city enthusiast myself, I strongly believe that people make the city and it is through the eyes of locals that one can truly experience and discover the underling beauties of a city. For me, Citinerary is therefore a great initiative that inspires people to explore cities from a different angle. It provides visitors not only with stories but also with powerful visuals that capture cities and their stories, leaving one longing to explore further.

Officially part of the Citinerary team, I see myself as a maker: I like to observe, capture, and show Rotterdam – the city I currently live in – though my eyes with the help of photography. Rotterdam is a city that is somehow either loved or hated by visitors. Yet, through Citinerary, Rotterdam is catching on a new light and puts on a new coat for there is so much more to Rotterdam than its modern and often unusual architecture. Among others, in Rotterdam you can explore the great outdoors such as Kralingse Plas – my often chosen detour within the big city to escape the ordinary. The photo above presents a glimpse of Kralingse Plas at sunset just as I experienced it on a cold and sunny day of October. What’s more, this photo might very well be my best photo, as of yet, that was published on Citinerary.

Starting as an online journal, Citinerary is growing and this year went offline by presenting to the world its first printed edition! It only took an email and the courage to reach out to become part of the Citinerary team. What is your passion and how will you pursue it?

My name is Laura and I am a fourth year PhD Candidate at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, the Netherlands.

Curious what I write about? Take a look here.
Curious what others write about? Take a look here.
Want to read more and perhaps support this initiative? Take a look here.

Laura M. Giurge

Our design by Julia Bolchakova

profile julia bolchakova

We would like to express our gratefulness to the very talented Canadian illustrator Julia Bolchakova for working with us designing the Foundation logo and profile pictures for this website. The dandelion that she created captures the very essence of the spirit and purpose of our MAD movement. It is about spreading, developing and nurturing the concept, challenge and responsibility of leadership. Reflected in this metaphor is also Julia’s very own entrepreneurial personality aiming at making a difference. Thanks Julia for being such an awesome partner!

Relive EPIC moments of MAD2016


On May 12 the Public Leadership Foundation and Serious Ambtenaar held the second MAD event: MAD2016! We are looking back at an inspiring afternoon, with lots of EPIC workshops, speakers, challenges and debates. Together we are Making A Difference!



EPIC Moments of our first Public Leadership Challenge

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Relive EPIC moments of our first Public Leadership Challenge and official launch of the Public Leadership Foundation!

The Public Leadership Foundation held the first Public Leadership Challenge on January 11 in partnership with Leiden University, Leiden Leadership Centre, NVVB and Futur. This event was the platform for the official launch of the Public Leadership Foundation. Relive the best moments of this EPIC event.

Founders Profiles

© Public Leadership Foundation

The Public Leadership Foundation has been founded. Are YOU Make A Difference (MAD)?

Introducing the founders of the Public Leadership Foundation!

We are excited to introduce you to the Public Leadership Foundation and our MAD Movement. The idea was born when four people got together to brainstorm about inspiring others to Make A Difference through EPIC Leadership.

Want to see the faces behind the Public Leadership Foundation and find out what inspires them? Check out their profiles!

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