Campus The Hague

‘Connecting theory and practice’

In 2016 PLF will organize several different events and focus on connecting both theory and practice. Therefore we have agreed to partner up with the Campus The Hague (University of Leiden and the Leiden Leadership Centre).

The partnership with the Campus The Hague offers the possibility to organize a new curriculum for students, young professionals and professionals. By joining forces we are convinced that we make a difference both nationally as internationally.

Partners in progress

As partners PLF and The Campus The Hague focus on four perspectives. These perspectives are:

  1. Leadership in complexity (Global Challenges, Leadership in Crisis, Wicked problems, Competing Values). It’s all about impact and creating benefits for society.
  2. Public Leadership is inclusive leadership focused on valuing differences and creating a strong community.
  3. The new Public Leadership looks to connect all sorts of leadership. Public Leadership is about connecting and successfully acting on different playing fields: social, organizational and political-administrative. In this context we also focus on multi-level leadership: leadership on international, regional, national and local levels.
  4. Another important perspective is to also focus on personal leadership and management development. Leadership and change in favour of innovation. All to be able to stimulate and perpetuate change.