PLF workshop at the National Assembly of Public Administration

On Monday May 1st, the Public Leadership Foundation will be giving a workshop at the National Assembly of Public Administration (Landelijk Congres der Bestuurskunde – LCB). The LCB is a yearly two-day event organised by Public Administration students. It is an initiative of the Landelijk Overlegorgaan Bestuurskundeverenigingen, an umbrella association for 10 more local student associations. The assembly is meant for students of Public Administration and young professionals from this discipline. This year’s theme is personal leadership.

During the workshop the participants will do a shortened version of the Public Leadership Challenge. The case for this challenge will be presented by the PLF itself. This way the participants will get to know the foundation a little better, while in the meantime working on their own personal leadership. The team with the best solution for the case will get the chance to realize their idea together with the PLF. However, everyone developing their personal leadership is a winner according to us!

You can buy your tickets at the LCB website.

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