Public Leadership Challenge

With the Public Leadership Challenge (PLC), the Public Leadership Foundation focuses upon current challenges we are facing in society today. How can we best address these challenges? What are their implications for leaders and Public Leadership? What kind of Public Leadership is called for? And what are preconditions for successful leadership?

Shared leadership of people from various backgrounds, fields of expertise and areas of authority help us to find solutions. In small groups we will work on concretizing questions and develop new approaches towards public leadership, the preconditions of that leadership and the wishes for leadership from the perspective of each one of the involved partners. We get exposed to and inspired by key people in the field. We will cooperate and co-create in a dynamic and interactive way, including new perspectives and building on our various expertise and backgrounds to formulate answers to the questions of the partners. By the end of the day, the groups will pitch their solutions to the different partners. The group and the partners will make appointments about the follow up.

Who is this for?
PLCs are organized with organizations who aim to address contemporary issues in terms of Public Leadership. During a PLC we bring together students, academics and practitioners who (want to) Make A Difference and show EPIC leadership.

What’s in it for you as an individual and/or as an organisation?
A PLC is an inspiring event and a great way to exchange knowledge and contribute to real solutions.

What does the Public Leadership Foundation have to offer?
The PLC is one of the PLFs key-initiatives. We have already organized different PLC’s with various themes and partners. Besides scripts for the organisation of PLCs, we can engage our network of MAD people and partner organisations to make your PLC even more successful!

The first PLC took place in January 2016 and was organized with the Leiden University / Leiden Leadership Centre. It focused on one of the major issues the world was then facing: the refugee crisis. Relive the EPIC moment of the first PLC here.

The second PLC took place in January 2017 and also was organized with Leiden University / Leiden Leadership Centre. This edition focussed upon one of the main challenges in the Netherlands: decentralization of government services. In the past year, the first two PLC’s outside the Netherlands were held in Stavanger (2017) and Bratislava (2018).

Ildikó Némethová, teacher and vice dean for International Relations – University of Economics, Bratislava:
“Thank you so much for the unforgettable public leadership challenge. Your workshop was the highlight of the 1st Prominence Intensive Week. We have learnt so much from you: new ways of looking at leadership and great ideas about getting students involved. The engagement of the stakeholders was a great decision.”

What to do next:
Are you interested in organising your own Public Leadership Challenge? Please contact René de Jong,