Throw Back to an EPIC Beer & Pizza meeting

On the 3rd of November the PLF board organized an EPIC beer & pizza meeting at De Ceuvel, to brainstorm with MAD people on public leadership and the way the PLF can enable MAD leadership. The venue was well chosen: an award-winning, sustainable planned workplace for creative and social enterprises on a former shipyard in Amsterdam North. On the former shipyard old houseboats have been placed on heavily polluted soil, the workspaces have been outfitted with clean technologies and it has all been connected by a winding jetty. Around the houseboats phyto-remediating plants work to clean the soil. The former industrial plot is a thriving community of entrepreneurs and artists, where all involved have lent a hand to build Amsterdam’s first circular office park.

As said: A perfect place to get together with 10 MAD people and to share & brainstorm about upcoming PLF activities and approaches. Over some beers and delicious pizzas, several topics were considered. A couple of ideas the MAD people shared: during our events they would love to learn from failure: a person that has overcome obstacles is more inspiring than a 100% success story. For the next PLC on digital diversity they would love to  focus on education, singularity or loss of jobs in the future. As a board, we were inspired by the energy and the ideas the MAD people brought to the table. We are looking forward to further develop them. For starters, with the organisation of the Public Leadership Challenge on the inclusive digital society!

Do you want to contribute to the MAD-movement? Come to #MAD2017 or send an email to!

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