Eva Kleingeld is one of this years EPIC apprentices. During her apprenticeship Eva will regularly blog and vlog about her MAD experiences.


So this is the second time I am posting something about the EPIC apprenticeship. I decided to write something this time as I feel more comfortable writing at this very moment. In this article, I will give some more insights on the EPIC apprenticeship, finding my own leadership and the achievements and obstacles I encounter.

Right now, we are at the point that we had three training days of the EPIC apprenticeship. We have learned a lot during the past three meetings. The last meeting, we defined our own Energy, Purpose, Identity and Courage. In my opinion, this was very helpful. We paired up and talked about how we viewed each other in all of the matters. We provided each other from helpful feedback. The atmosphere was cheerful (as always) and very open. The latter is so extremely important to me. I have the feeling that this is also contributing to us learning more and more and I start to believe that openness is key in learning about yourself.

In the meantime I also met my coach (you get a personal coach during the apprenticeship who helps you achieving your personal goals). We met up twice now. I was so happy to meet Dennis. He is not only a very friendly and intellectual person, but he’s also a bit of an example to me. He is active in politics and he owns a succesful company. He seems to be very passionate about everything he is doing. He gives me homework to achieve my goals plus he gives me the right handles to apply in real life. Right now, I am reading two books for my “homework” (does not really feel like homework as I love reading about philosophy).

At work, I do notice difference. I initiate more and more, but I also ask for more feedback. This is helping me a lot. I feel empowered and I have the feeling I can achieve a lot more.

Naturally, during the course of life and also during the course of this apprenticeship, I encountered some difficulties. Next to my job I am also active for different organizations as a volunteer. In one of those I also attempted to show leadership. I wanted to be MAD and I was about to initiate a new step. This time, unfortunately, life hit me in my face and I got demotivated and decided not to follow my purpose this time. Did I feel energized by stepping down? No. Did I feel courageous? More like a big loser.

I guess being MAD has its ups and downs. MAD people might not always be able to follow their purpose everytime they just want to. It does not only depend on your energy, identity or courage. Sometimes, the timing is just not right, I believe. And yes, I do believe that timing is a big thing. What to do when timing is not in your favour? Cry your eyes out for 30 minutes… go on and show your energy, purpose, identity and courage again. Only that way timing will favour you as well in the end. Be EPIC!

– Eva Kleingeld
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