Vacancy EPIC apprenticeship: enabling future leadership

Public leadership is about adding value in your (work) environment, achieving something in society, for a better world. Small things can make a big difference in any environment. Would you like to experience how you can make that difference? Are you a (master) student or Young Professional and would you like to develop yourself on the four essential aspects of public leadership: Energy, Purpose, Identity and Courage? Join our EPIC apprenticeship from February until June.

General programme

  • March: Insights on EPIC leadership, your own leadership style and your interaction with others
  • April: Creation of a personal development plan and intervision on your goals
  • May: Assignment on inclusive leadership within a governmental organization (input for thesis if needed)
  • June: Defining your own EPIC leadership and presenting your lessons learned

During the apprenticeship a coach will help you reflect on your EPIC leadership.

Availability for 3 to 4 days is needed in April and May.

Experiences EPIC apprenticeship 2017

Lisa van der Heijden: By being EPIC you not only focus on your own actions and competencies but also on these of others around you. By helping and understanding them you can change things and exercise public leadership!

Dahpne Hubert: By being more aware of another person and your ideas about that person, you become more sensitive to your environment and you will be able to build a lasting relationship.

Eline Elsgeest: you don’t need a strictly defined plan for your life and execute it to be EPIC. By knowing yourself and your qualities, your leadership can bloom anywhere.

Yosha van Droffelaar: being EPIC means letting go of all the restricting perceptions you may have about yourself and constantly challenge yourself to grow. By doing this you will find the energy to keep inspiring yourself and others around you.

Want to join our programme?

Please sent your motivation and cv to before 23th of February. Want to know more about the progamme before signing up? Click here or contact Giulietta Marani: 06 29496612. Selection will take place end of January.

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