Welcome to our MAD partner BECIS!

In 2017 already, the PLF and BECIS found each other in the joint organisation of a Public Leadership Challenge. Together with the Leiden Leadership Centre, both parties organised a challenge about which leadership is needed to promote citizen autonomy in the digital society. A great initiative, showing the commitment BECIS has to Making a Difference in Society. 

BECIS is a consultancy bureau operating in the Netherlands, working on information management projects in the (semi) public sector. The company is committed to Make A Difference by focusing on its social responsibility and running a sustainable business, but especially by focussing on the development of (young) talent.  

In the partnership between BECIS and the Public Leadership Foundation, special focus goes to the development of leadership both within our organisations and in society. With workshops, the joint organisation of Public Leadership Challenges and more exciting initiatives to develop, we enable MAD leadership together!

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