We live in exciting times of change and great opportunities, and together we can address the many challenges faced by society today. To truly change, our attention should be towards internal goods – towards purpose beyond profit (Collins and Porras, 2005) – towards what is good for the whole community, society and globe by focusing on areas such as education, health, equality, sustainability (economic, socio-cultural and environmental), preventing wars, saving lives and so on. This is not only a pragmatic and realistic view, it is also the only real option moving forward. Thinking that status quo is sustainable is naïve. Together we can and will Make A Difference through developing and contributing to the new kind of leadership required. Such MAD leadership is not performed by a small, elite group of usual suspects, but by all of us. By you.

Our vision is for the world to be a better, more equal, fair and sustainable place for all, and we can all contribute to this through actively engaging in MAD leadership.

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