Become a Partner

As a movement for the people we want to partner up with individuals, groups and organizations who have specific goals when it comes to Making A Difference in society.

From corporate citizen programmes to humanitarian organizations and from individuals to SMEs and large corporations, you are all welcome to partner up with PLF. If you want to Make A Difference with us, we invite you to send an e-mail to

EPIC partnership

Forming part of PLF we are all active and engaged. We make sure we share our impact and success stories, and support each other in achieving the goals we have set out for ourselves, our surroundings and society. No matter the subject, the PLF network will always provide expertise from public, private or third sector professionals. By introducing the three-generation model (students, young professionals and professionals) we are always able to combine fresh ideas in combination with the required experience. Together, we will encourage, identify, develop, support and ultimately provide the leadership required for our society and organizations within it.